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Green Posidonia

Innovation project for sustainability

and climate improvement of Valencia

through Posidonia oceanica


plant species live in the posidonia forests

100,000 years 

One of the longest living creatures

on the planet


of animals inhabit the posidonia meadows

It is necessary that more people realize
the value of Posidonia and contribute
to its protection.

Join the Green Posidonia project. 

Imagen de la posidonia oceanica.
Imagen de algunos peces
imagen de algunas personas conectada como en una red

Utilize Posidonia waste to create energy, biostimulants, bioinsecticides and compost.

Create marine nursery

Reproduction in nurseries of Posidonia oceanica in order to repopulate marine areas in which the action of man, directly or indirectly, has caused its regression and disappearance.

Raise social awareness of the importance of Posidonia forests, as sources of food and shelter for many species and their offspring, which leads

to the conservation of biodiversity.

Collective awareness

Promote the circular economy


How does it work?

The Green Posidonia project aims to promote the circular economy and raise social awareness of the importance of Posidonia oceanica in the protection of biodiversity, O2 generation and CO2 reduction. A pilot repopulation experience will be carried out through a marine nursery in Valencia and a positive impact will be generated in the creation of blue jobs. It is also intended to involve the public through an application to alert about the arrival of Posidonia. The initiative is part of the Sustainable Development Goals of Valencia 2030.

logo green posidonia, posidonia oceanica. es una gif que sigue llendo de izquierda a derecha
misión climática Valéncia 2030, ajuntament de Valéncia, Missions Valéncia 2030
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Posidonia, Posidonia Oceanica, Valencia 2030

Innovation project for sustainability

and climate improvement of Valencia

through the Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia, Posidonia Oceanica, Valencia 2030

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Green Posidonia


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